Sunday, August 7, 2011

NRA to sue over new gun-sale reporting rules

The National Rifle Association is suing the Obama administration over a new rule that requires U.S. gun dealers in the Southwest to report multiple rifle sales to a single person, according to a draft copy of a complaint.

The lawsuit — a copy of which was made available to The New York Times — is filed on behalf of two gun dealers in Arizona, where the reporting requirements are expected to go into effect later this month along with Texas, California and New Mexico. An estimated 8,500 gun dealers will be affected.


The Washington Post has a Partner's Share in Terry's Death

The Washington Post and its reporters are the unnamed co-conspirators in the bloody gun-grabber mess that may lead to the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder and certainly contributed to the death of a federal agent on the Mexican borderlands.

Project Gunrunner and its connected undercover operations, such as Fast and Furious in the Southwest and Castaway in Florida, facilitated the purchase and shipment of hundreds of firearms that would have otherwise stopped at the point of sale or the Mexican border.

The program came to public notice after disgusted federal agents with the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) broke their cover after the Dec. 14 death of Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry. Terry was cut down by an AK-47 sold by the Arizona’s Lone Wolf Trading Company gun store in an ambush with Mexican gangbangers. Terry, who also served in the Marines, bled out before he could get proper medical attention.